Safe the Date: 2. September 2014 close

Tanja Aschenbeck-Florange

A main focus of her work is on banking regulation – in particular payment processing and other payment regulation for payment service providers and other companies. She supports start-up companies as well as international groups regarding proceedings at the German supervisory authority (BaFin).

In the field of capital markets she specialised in structuring of alternative investment funds (AIF) and other investment products – in particular closed-end investment funds and participation rights. She advises various issuing houses, fund initiators and Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) on funds structuring, regulatory matters (AIFM-D regulation) and prospectus requirements.

Further, Tanja advises numerous (existing and emerging) Crowdfunding platforms and companies / project initiators seeking funding by means of Crowdfunding. Her main focuses here are regulatory matters and the structuring of a funding by means of Crowdfunding. Recently she has – together with the European Crowdfunding Network – initiated an international study regarding the regulation of Crowdfunding in 29 countries across Europe and abroad.

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