Safe the Date: 2. September 2014 close

Alan Reiner

Alan Reiner is CEO of Armory Technologies, Inc and core developer of Armory Bitcoin Wallet which is a popular, open-source wallet application focused on security for enterprise business and advanced users. It was the first and only Bitcoin wallet to make “Cold Storage” (offline wallets) accessible through an intuitive user interface, and is one of the most trusted tools for securing and managing large bitcoin investments.
Alan has degrees in applied mathematics and engineering mechanics, and additional background in statistics, data mining and cryptography. He spent seven years developing image & video processing algorithms at a physics lab in Maryland (USA) before switching to Armory full-time and founding Armory Technologies, Inc in mid-2013. Alan has become one of the top Bitcoin experts in the community, and a trusted source for security best practices and innovation. His goal is to pioneer the world of Bitcoin wallets, and make high-security easy to practice even for “regular” users.

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