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Pawel Chudzinski

Before co-founding Point Nine Capital in 2011, Pawel was a co-founder and partner at Team Europe where he led Team Europe’s investment activities. Prior to that, Pawel worked as an Associate for the US investment banking firm Greenhill & Co. in Frankfurt and London. Previously, he graduated from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL). He is fluent in English, German and Polish and has a basic command of Russian.

Pawel is also a casual blogger, so you can read more about his thoughts on his blog or follow him on twitter.

Andrei Martchouk

Andrei Martchouk is CEO and Co-Founder of Yacuna, the international trading platform for digital currencies. Prior to founding Yacuna, as expert for security and crypotgraphy he was Chief System Architect at ClickandBuy, one of the first German FinTech companies. Andrei managed the in-house development team and several distributed teams for developing and maintaining mission critical financial systems.

During the past 14 years in the payment industry, he focused on online payment processing for e-commerce, e-money wallets and payment card solutions. His further experience includes positions as Head of Software Development for the business payment unit at Deutsche Telekom as well as consultant positions at Wireless Facility Systems and Securitisation Consulting.

The former graduate of Cologne University of Applied Sciences and Minsk State Linguistic University became a Bitcoin enthusiast in 2010.

Jochen Siegert

In 2012 Jochen Siegert has joined Bigpoint, a leading publisher of Onlinegames. As Managing Director he leads the global monetization entity of Bigpoint in Luxembourg and in his role as Director of Payment Systems he is overseeing the in-house payment service provider that is connected to 200+ payment methods serving 330+ million customers in 150 countries. Jochen looks back on an experience of 14 years in the payment sector. Before joining Bigpoint, he worked for almost 5 years at PayPal Europe in various positions. His last role was Director of EMEA Strategy and Corporate Development. Prior to PayPal, Jochen was active for two years as Vice President of Product and Partner Management for the largest issuer of MasterCard credit cards in Germany and held various positions in the eCommerce and business development sectors over the course of six years for MasterCard Europe and EUROCARD Germany.

Talia Wolf

Talia is a conversion optimization expert & a skydiving junkie. As CEO & founder at conversioner she helps worldwide companies optimize their sales funnels & increase their revenue using emotional conversion optimization. Talia helps companies build their conversion strategies, execute them and grow their business. Talia also writes for worldwide blogs offering tips, tools and actual guides to Neuromarketing.

Brian Fabian Crain

Brian Fabian Crain is a Berlin-based economist and entrepreneur. He’s the founder and co-host of the Epicenter Bitcoin Podcast, Europe’s leading Bitcoin podcast, which features in-depth discussions of news and developments in the Bitcoin world as well as interviews with innovative people in the Bitcoin community. Brian is also the founder and organizer of the Bitcoin Startups Berlin group – the largest and most active Bitcoin meet-up group in Germany. Brian has degrees in economics from the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics and in cognitive science from University College London.

Radoslav Albrecht

Radoslav Albrecht CEO and founder of global peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending platform A site that connects borrowers with lenders globally. Previously Radoslav advised companies from financial services and other industries in restructuring and refinancing situations. His geographical scope included Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to that he worked in structured equity for an investment bank in London. He published Bitcoin related articles with Bitcoin Magazine and CoinDesk and has a background in economics.

Dr. Pavel Kravchenko

Dr. Pavel Kravchenko, cryptographer, former software engineer. Develops new mechanisms in crypto currency industry. Currently is working as a security consultant in a Silicon Valley coin startup. He has recently created Bitcoin meetup in Kharkov, Ukraine and is working on a university course about crypto currencies. PhD thesis on public key infrastructures. Loves to solve complex problems and explain cryptography in a simple way.

Jonathan Levin

Jonathan Levin is a postgraduate economist at the University of Oxford whose research focuses on Virtual Currencies. He is the convenor of the Oxford Virtual Currencies Working Group, an interdisciplinary working group focussed on the economic and social implications of Virtual Currencies. Recently, he cofounded Coinometrics, a website dedicated to producing new methods of measuring activity on the Bitcoin network.

Levin Keller

Levin Keller is a Berlin based Board Member of the Bundesverband Bitcoin e.V. and has been involved with community work for Bitcoin since early 2013. His main topic in the lobby group is the fight against a looming VAT application on Bitcoin trades in Europe.

As a mathematician he stumbled upon Bitcoin in 2011 and is since convinced of its huge potential for the society as a whole. He recently founded the startup “” to make Bitcoin usable in the professional space. His ongoing work for Bitcoin related projects and initiatives has made him an expert on regulatory and tax issues in Germany and Europe. He blogs about Bitcoin and its impact on society on “”.

Tanja Aschenbeck-Florange

Tanja is a partner in the banking and capital markets team in the Cologne office of Osborne Clarke. A main focus of her work is on banking regulation – in particular payment processing and other payment regulation for payment service providers and other companies. She supports start-up companies as well as international groups regarding proceedings at the German supervisory authority (BaFin).

Further, Tanja advises numerous (existing and emerging) Crowdfunding platforms and companies / project initiators seeking funding by means of Crowdfunding. Her main focuses here are regulatory matters and the structuring of a funding by means of Crowdfunding. Recently she has – together with the European Crowdfunding Network – initiated an international study regarding the regulation of Crowdfunding in 29 countries across Europe and abroad.

Mike Schnoor

Mike Schnoor is communicator, writer, consultant and catalyst for digital communication, marketing, public relations and social media.

As VP Marketing & Communication he leads the global market entry of Yacuna AG, an upcoming all-in-one solution for digital currency users based in Switzerland. Before joining the fintech industry, he was Press Spokesman for the Federal Association of Digital Economy (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V.) in Germany, as well as Head of Public Relations & Corporate Communications at sevenload, one of the world’s largest social video networks for premium TV content, music videos and interactive web TV channel.

By using his extensive knowledge of the challenging media market combined with his skill at influencer relations, Mike acts with in-depth, long-time experience and a high level of consulting expertise. As digital leader, he regularly gives lectures about public relations, social media and online reputation management at universities. Visit his personal blog or for further details.

Alan Reiner

Alan Reiner is CEO of Armory Technologies, Inc and core developer of Armory Bitcoin Wallet which is a popular, open-source wallet application focused on security for enterprise business and advanced users. It was the first and only Bitcoin wallet to make “Cold Storage” (offline wallets) accessible through an intuitive user interface, and is one of the most trusted tools for securing and managing large bitcoin investments.
Alan has degrees in applied mathematics and engineering mechanics, and additional background in statistics, data mining and cryptography. He spent seven years developing image & video processing algorithms at a physics lab in Maryland (USA) before switching to Armory full-time and founding Armory Technologies, Inc in mid-2013. Alan has become one of the top Bitcoin experts in the community, and a trusted source for security best practices and innovation. His goal is to pioneer the world of Bitcoin wallets, and make high-security easy to practice even for “regular” users.

Dr. Michael Gebert

Michael Gebert is an entrepreneurial senior executive with an excellent track record of organizational leadership in business administration, consistently engaging in dynamic sales and marketing and comprehensive project management He one of Germany’s leading crowdsourcing /innovation and funding expert and thought leader. PhD thesis on : crowdsourced innovations and risks involved. He is a Keynote speaker and panelist at Crowdsourcing week 2013 Singapore, Crowdconf San Francisco, Crowd-Summit Berlin, Crowd Symposium Cologne, “The Future of Work” at International Management Forum 2013. He is contributing author at

Lutz Auffenberg

Attorney Lutz Auffenberg advises financial service providers regarding regulation and licenses required (such as a BaFin license). German law requires those licenses for most businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and Litecoin). Lutz is one of three WINHELLER attorneys that have worked on challenging domestic and international Bitcoin cases. The three of them have counseled a number of prominent companies in the Bitcoin space and helped them, among other things, with establishing their exchanges, answering their tax related questions and running their contests. Lutz is also knowledgeable about the ‘ZAG’ (Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz, German law for payment providers). Besides German, Mr. Auffenberg also speaks English and French.

Michael Geike

Michael is a graduated mathematician who started his working life as a derivatives trader at JPMorgan. As a Vice President he stayed with the firm for six years experiencing the credit crunch from the first row. He then founded and later sold his own business in Berlin before joining the online retailer Zalando SE, where he is leading a team of mathematicians and data scientists to optimize payment option algorithms. He is also the CEO of Smart Equity AG, a company listed on the Hamburg Stock Exchange that is solely focusing on cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology.

Dr. Daniel Kerscher

Dr. Daniel Kerscher works as consultant for strategic, organizational and financial issues. He gained experience in legislation and jurisdiction during his work as assistant to a member of the German Parliament. Afterwards he was as head of division responsible for the activities of a German NGO in Latin America. He studied political sciences with focus on public law,
information science, history and intercultural competence. Prior to his university degree, doctoral thesis and some years of teaching, he finished an apprenticeship at a savings bank to learn the banking business.
He is author of the book „Bitcoin: Funktionsweise, Risiken und Chancen der digitalen Währung“.

Zane Tackett

Zane is a bitcoin evangelist from Colorado, USA. In 2011 he moved to Beijing, China and in 2013 became a heavily involved member in the Chinese bitcoin scene. He started working for OKCoin in April 2014 as Manager of International Operations to assist with their international expansion. Since joining, OKCoin debuted their English site and later launched their international exchange.

Chakib Benziane

Graduate of french Epitech CS School, Chakib is a former DevOps dressed as a Frontend Engineer. After being the technical founder of, a platform for decentralized crowd shipping, he focused on frontend development and UI with modern web technologies. He is also a passionate Bitcoin hacker who frequently attends meetups and makes talks to educate people about Bitcoin.

Dominik Weil

Dominik is born and grown up in Frankfurt/Main, but settled down in Saigon, Vietnam earlier this year.
Dominik – whose background is in economic sociology & Austrian economics – is Co-Founder of the Bitcoin Frankfurt Community as well as a Co-Founder of Bitcoin Vietnam Co. Ltd. – the company who launched the first Bitcoin Exchange in Vietnam back in March 2014. The team behind Bitcoin Vietnam recently also launched Vietnams first live trading platform “VBTC” and is strongly involved in the building of a nationwide Bitcoin Organization in Vietnam.
Strong believer in Free Markets & Bitcoin as best form of money that ever existed.

Alec Hahn

Alec Hahn is the Founder and CEO of Bitcoin42, a crypto-currency company based in Tijuana, Mexico. Since early 2010, he is involved in the Bitcoin world, and recently he became a strong supporter of the Proof of Stake protocols. He is also an audiovisual media designer and independent filmmaker. His work has been displayed at the Museum of London and the Deutsches Museum in Munich. He has written, directed, produced, photographed, and edited various short films that took him to film festivals around the world. Alec has worked in national television and theatre in Germany. He designed the image of Imperfectu: International Film and Gender Studies Festival, which is part of Earthivism, a non-profit organization co-founded by Alec and through which he promotes social, cultural, and environmental activism.

Achim Himmelreich

Achim Himmelreich holds a Dipl.-Kfm. Degree from the University of Cologne and worked as an independent consultant and lecturer before he joined Mücke, Sturm & Company in 2006. The focus of his work lies on E-and M-commerce as well as Social Media. From the very beginning he accompanied the enormous changes that the digital revolution has brought by successfully promoting and realizing the establishment of new business models in numerous projects. He is Vice President of the Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW).

Daniel Neis

Daniel Neis [CEO / KOINA AG], 41, business economist, has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and founder, as a consultant for start-ups and as a visionary strategist with a focus on management, marketing and sales. He was owner and manager of a sales agency and has operated a global trade agency for renewable commodities. In recent years he has devoted himself entirely to developing and promoting sustainable strategies in modern societies. As the initiator of the project KOINA he combines his experience with his international networks.

Julian Redix

Julian Redix is attorney-at-law in Bonn. He provides legal
counseling and representation in disputes in relation to Bitcoin and
other crypto currencies which particularly comprises statutory
regulation, contract law and consumer protection law.

Stanislav Wolf

Stanislav Wolf is VP Product Development of Yacuna AG, an upcoming all-in-one solution for digital currency users, based in Switzerland. Stanislav has a passion for digital currencies, was the co-founder of the first bitcoin conference in Germany and is one of the organizers of the World-Bitcoin-Forum. He explored the possibilities of digital currencies during his studies at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and was one of the first bitcoin users in Germany.

Dr. Bastian Brand

Bastian Brand, Ph.D. is the organizer of the Bitcoin Startups Munich Group and an Investment Manager of the Pathfinder Crypto-currency Fund (PCF) at Pathfinder Capital. Having studied finance and politics, Bastian Brand has co-founded an e-commerce start-up and worked for several years as a corporate finance consultant at McKinsey & Co. He first encountered Bitcoin in autumn 2011 while conducting research for his Ph.D. thesis. He maintains a keen interest in emerging markets, and applies traditional financial and strategic analysis within the
Crypto-Currency ecosystem, in an effort to separate fiction from reality.

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